Tool Manufacturers 

The USA represents the following manufacturers:

Bone Safety Signs, Inc.  Huskie Tools, Inc.
Buckingham Manufacturing Company, Inc. Reelstrong Utility Fleet
Concept Torque Solutions, Inc. Ripley Company
Estex Manufacturing Company, Inc. TSE International
Hastings Fiber Glass Products, Inc. Safety One Inc.
  Youngstown Glove Company

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Bone Safety Signs

      Huskie Tools
Roll–up safety signs & stands; Aluminum Composite(ACM) signs, aluminum sign refurbishing         Hydraulic, Battery, and Manual Compression
      and Cutting Tools, hoists

Buckingham Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Reelstrong Utility Fleet
Climbing and fall protection equipment and tools

Reel trailers, reel stands, pole trailers, custom trailers

Concept Torque Concept Torque Solutions, Inc.  Ripley Company
Computerized Torque Monitoring Devices for Helical Anchors and Foundations    Cable preparation tools for transmission

Estex Manufacturing Company, Inc. Saftery One Inc.  Safety One Inc.
Canvas and vinyl bags for tools/equipment; aerial basket tool holders; bucket covers, rigid hard body bags, safety vests

Formal Training for Climbing & Rescue, Confined Space, Rigging & Hoisting, Bucket Truck and Pole Top Safety Training

Hastings Fiber Glass Products, Inc. TSE TSE International
Hot line tools and equipment Overhead Stringing and underground cable pulling equipment for Transmission and Distribution line construction


Youngstown Gloves
Performance work gloves